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Wednesday, May 28th 2014

11:02 AM

Sthlm Marathon - Ultimat Guide Med 10 Länktips | Uppochhoppa.se

I andra fall lankar jag till andra riktigt bra och smarta skriverier kring Stockholm marathon. Alla lankar oppnas i nytt fonster.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://uppochhoppa.se/lopning/stockholm-marathon/sthlm-marathon-ultimat-guide-med-10-lanktips/

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Sunday, May 18th 2014

6:44 AM

Most Common Injuries In A Half Marathon And How To Deal With Them

Most harms are related to using training program that is unreliable. When one executes this kind of program she or he is subjecting himself or herself to poor performance but to various harms. There are also cases where the training program is reputable but one does not follow it correctly thereby leading to harms too. One must design and follow a training for a half marathon half marathon training program that is reliable and must be mindful of still potential harms which may be encountered during and after. Below are some of the common injuries and how one can prevent and treat them.

Injuries can result because of inferior running gear for example training shoes. Half marathon is this kind of demanding exercise that the body of one is placed by it especially the legs. Great shoes must have the support needed for the numerous miles one will running. Foot blisters is among the most typical injury. Blisters can undermine the race of one when they would upset the usual pace for a longer duration of time and occur. To keep this from happening, during training you should experiment with combination of shoes, socks, drying agents, covering lubricants and pads to understand which suits you. But in case you developed a blister the best action to take is to cease and sterilize the area, drain it after which cover with a bandage.

The following common injury is a black toenail that is blood pooling under the nail. In half marathons repeated trauma of the foot slipping forward in the shoe of one usually causes this. The kind and the gradient of the surface that is running similarly can cause injuries. Chafing is also a standard harm when skin rubs against skin and this happens. Underarms, nipples, under- thighs, crotch and breast in many cases are the regions which chafe. To avoid this from occurring, one should keep these areas dry by lubricating them or putting or rubbing cornstarch.

You ought to also not be regardless of food intake 48 hours . Bowel and stomach upsets are likewise not unusual during a half marathon. One must not eat any unknown or drink booze or spicy food. Caffeine consumption must be restricted because this may cause an issue to one's digestive system before the half marathon and one must not overeat. One must use only energy snacks and drink which he or she understands will not have any ill effects. It is essential to understand when one's body needs water. The signs of dehydration are dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, stomach ache, back pain, headache, irritability and decreased urination. If one experiences any indication of dehydration, she or he should slow down or stop and drink a sport drink or water.

Hypernatremia occurs when the body and one drinks too much fluid does not have time to eliminate it. This dilutes the salt concentration in the cells of one that's hardly safe. Nausea, headache, cramps, confusion, slurred speech, bloating and swollen hands are sign of hypernatremia. This is experience by runners who are drinking if they are not thirsty. One must not drink when she or he is not thirsty. It is also not unusual in competitive half marathon runners to hit the wall meaning totally running out of energy. You should drink full-strength sugared sport beverage through the event, to prevent this. A runner can supplement it with bites or energy gel. Sunburn and windburn is another half marathon harm. In order to avoid this one should wear a hat with a bill to protect the face and top of head. Using a lip balm can protects lips. Sunblock should be put on every little skin.

When the experiencing dehydration and salt depletion, you ought to stop and the cramped muscles gently stretch and massage. A runner may also experience classic leg cramps and combined support and use she or he can have deep muscle massages, sprays such as deep heat/deep freeze. The last common injury is a sprain ankle, pulled a stress fracture or muscles. When these occur one should discontinue with the race/event and seek medical attention.
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Saturday, May 17th 2014

6:30 PM

Beginner Half Marathon Training - How To Get Ready For Your Initial Half Marathon

Planning for beginner half marathon training begins with a goal in mind. Lot of people have a goal to run a half-marathon - by running few people's first race however, they convert the goal to fact.

Preparation should start with a desire to run the first half marathon and a commitment to dedicate time for training. Both these variables are essential to achieve the goal for running the first race.

Planning depends on the amount of your experience that is running. If you have no experience that is running, then it's crucial that you start training for a 5K race first and slowly progress to develop your base that is running. If you are already at a level where you can run a 5K /10K, then you have the running base needed to start the training for the half-marathon.

To be able to begin, make a list of races in your neighborhood and check the reviews for the races. Most likely, you'll enjoy a couple of races from your list. Depending on other variables like the time of the year the race is held, the time you need for training etc. you can narrow down the list and choose a race to run. This will be your first half-marathon - so it really is very important to pick the race carefully.

Once a race is chosen, make a program to dedicate a predetermined period of time for training. This will leave away a fixed time for training on a daily and weekly basis. Having made a commitment with regard to both these factors, you are now prepared to start training for your first race.

As a further step, blocking the training time in your calendar and enrolling for dedication is indicated by the race indicates want to train for the race. Performing both these steps indicates you're ready to begin the training to achieve your aim of running your first half marathon.
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Thursday, May 8th 2014

12:00 AM

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